A Challenge for Legend of Korra Writers

I have a challenge for all the people who write FanFiction, or know someone you know who writes FanFiction. Or if you just want to write the story and don’t have a FanFiction, you can send me the story and I’ll publish it, while giving you all the authorial credit.

I love MaKorra stories, especially ones that deal with Mako and Korra getting engaged, married, pregnant Korra, and other various funny stories between them.
(My favorites consist of them babysitting and Mako having to save/help Korra control the kids, Tenzin catching them doing things *ahem*, stuff like that. So I’ve came up with a bunch of different topics/ stories that I would like you all to write. You can leave them a one-shot, two-shot, short story, or turn it into a full story. All that I ask is you mention my tumblr (rosemariealexandra.tumblr.com) and send me a message on tumblr or FanFiction saying that you used one of these prompts, so that I can read it :)

1.) Korra is asked to babysit the four airbender kids, but Korra has no idea how to take care of the baby Rohnan. Since taking care of the mischievous Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo along with caring for baby Rohnan is proving very difficult, she calls in reinforcements- Mako.

2.) Korra’s been getting sick in the mornings for the past two weeks and can’t figure out why for the life of her. Mako suspects she’s pregnant, but must figure out a away to tell her without Korra trying to roast him. (The baby would be Korra and Mako’s)

3.) Mako slips an engagement ring on Korra’s finger while she’s sleeping. Korra has no idea what the ring means when she wakes up, and Mako tells her she must figure it out herself. Mako gives strict instructions for no one to tell her. After searching for an answer all day she finally figures it out and runs back home to Mako. Then he gives her a betroggle necklace too, so she has both traditional engagement symbols.

4.) Mako finds one of Korra’s thongs in her room one day… You can think of the rest.

5.) Korra’s pregnancy story, including all nine months and the birth. (I always picture Korra yelling at Mako the whole time hehe)

6.) Mako proposes to Korra during a probending match or tournament.

7.) Korra gets drunk and Mako has to help her home, and take care of her for the rest of the night.

8.) Mako gets drunk and Korra has to help him home, and take care of him for the night.

9.) Korra and Mako’s first date.

10.) A very entertaining game of truth or dare, or I’ve never.

11.) Mako and Korra participate in a drinking game. (Or one participates and the other has to take care of them after. Kind of ties into 7 and 8)

12.) Korra and Mako visit the South Pole.

13.) Korra convinces Mako to go through the spinning doors… Very funny situation ensues.

14.) Mako and Korra get trapped in a cave/ room/ etc together. (This can be a bonding experience, romantic, angsty, or all of the above.)

If I think of anymore I’ll add more prompts in another post.
I wish you all luck in writing!!!

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